Neurofeedback: Gumby, Granny and the Executive Brain (Glup!).


Gumby: So how do we turn this thing on? Granny:  Oh I don't know dearie...Mary do you know? Me; (Thinking) Oh boy...

Gumby: So how do we turn this thing on?
Granny: Oh I don’t know dearie…Mary do you know?
Me; (Thinking) Oh boy…

Monday, October 21st

So many changes are happening.  Now that I am done working with the Cortex (or the outside layer of the brain) we are going to work on the Executive Function part of the brain.  This is located in the Prefrontal Cortex or the front of the brain.   The Prefrontal cortex  is just above the eyebrow, behind the fore head .

Picture from

So what is the Executive Functioning system of the brain? According to CHADD (Children and Adults with A.D.D/ADHD), here is a graph that explains the following:

More colorful picture of executive function

Picture from:

For someone that has A.D.D, our Executive System works differently.  How so?  According to Dr. Edward M. Hallowell (Author of  Driven to Distraction) the Executive System of a person with A.D.D/ADHD is under active.

Here is how the Executive Functioning part of a  Non-A.D.D brain works vs. the Executive Function of an A.D.D brain:

  • Activation
    • Non-A.D.D: Helps organize and gets the body ready to work
    • A.D.D:  It is time for me to get my math homework done!  But it is such a pretty day outside.  Plus, I have outside cores to do…What should I do first?
  • Sustain Focus
    • Non-A.D.D: Being able listen to a lecture without fading out.
    • A.D.D: As a child, I would fade out after listening to my teacher for ten minutes.
  • Effort
    • Non-A.D.D: Adjusting process speed
    • A.D.D: For me I feel very sluggish when I do my work
  • Emotions
    • Non-A.D.D: Able to manage frustration
    • A.D.D:  As I mentioned previously, I have been very emotional.  I get frustrated and very sensitive. Even as an adult, I have always wondered what other think of me.
  • Memory
    • Non-A.D.D: Able to hold on and remembering information.
    • A.D.D: Ever hear the term “In one ear and out the other?”  That is me.
  • Actions
    • Non-A.D.D: Monitoring one’s actions.
    • A.D.D:  We don’t think before we speak.

Instead of the Surface program, I will start using the Loretta during my Neurofeedback sessions.  Doc said that there is a new part of the Loretta software that works primary with the Executive Function of the brain. Since my brain is adapting well with the treatment, I will now only be getting treatment twice a week instead of thrice times a week.  Lastly, Doc has a new office opening closer to my house so I will be going there for my sessions.    Sadly my current tech, Maria, will remain in the current office.   Maria was always very gentle and has a friendly personality.  I will miss her.

Now that we are dealing with the Executive Function, I will have to work even harder during the sessions.  This means that the brain will only be given one minute and thirty seconds  to keep the ball on the screen instead of two minutes.



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oh.  My.  God.  Thank God I went to yoga this morning because my patience was running low.  Today was my first session at the new center….and  the two techs there have absolutely no idea what the Sam’s Hell they are doing.

I’ll will call the male tech Gumby (because of his tall and skinny figure) and the female Granny (since she is a grandmother).  Both are very nice but not familiar with the software.  Granny isn’t even familiar with computers.  I had to show her how to open up a folder on the computer.  Got to love the Baby-Boomers!

After waiting thirty minutes  (they thought my appointment was at 5pm when it really was for 4:30), Gumby had to measure my head ( in case anyone is interested, my head is 32 inches wide and 5 centimeters long) because he had no idea where to glue the sensors.   Then it then took 30 additional minutes for Gumby to show Granny how to put the sensors on.  Next Doc came to show both techs how to use the software.  I have a bad feeling about this. Should I trust two techs who have no experience what so ever, or should I give them the benefit of the doubt?




(To Be Continued…….)


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